Monday, December 27, 2010

I was told to do this

Mom took me to see a special doctor today. The doctor doesn't believe me either. I see him....he's there I know he is. I'm not making it up. The doctor thought it would be best to record what I see. My Mom decided it would be best to make a blog so that she could read it whenever she wanted to. I wonder if he can see this too....


  1. Anonymous here...

    Hey sis. It's Drake! It's good to see that you're doing what mom and dad tell you to do. I wouldn't want to have to give you a noogie for disobeying them. XD Don't worry sis, I believe you, but it will be good to have written down what you see, at least for posterities sake. (posterities sake= to be able to look back on it someday.)

  2. You wouldn't really give me a noogie would you? You know Mom will yell at you if you hurt me! I'm glad that you believe in me Drake it meins alot to me! I already miss you now that your gone. Come by and visit again soon!

  3. Anonymous here...

    Oh yes I would! And if you weren't listening to mom I'm sure she'd be okay with it. X )

    Of course I believe in you. I know you'd never make up something like this.

    I miss you too sis. Maybe I'll bring you over here sometime and you can meet Rose. She's the spirit of the little girl. She's really nice when she's not sad. I think you'd like her.

    Oh and one more thing... why are you still up? Do mom and dad know you're still on the computer?

  4. Hello~ I'm an acquaintance of your big brother. <3

    Writing about things often helps, though my experience with it is usually just ranting about things that make me mad, or writing down my dreams.

    In this case, I sincerely hope it will help you.

  5. Hello~

    Sorry, I follow your brother and I always get curious if someone adds a link to a blog~

    I hope this blog helps you out. Worst case scenario, it's a great complaining space.

  6. Anonymous here...

    Yeah, you're lack of reply to my last comment tells all little sis. So, were mom and dad angry at you for staying up so late? XD

    Yeah, guys don't worry about following her blog, I'm sure she doesn't mind, I mean, you guys are all very nice and I'm sure you'll get along with her.

  7. Hi there, I'm another acquaintance of your brother. He's helped me out a lot over this past month or so. He's a very cool person.

    When I saw that his little sister was making a blog I decided to go ahead and check it out. From what your first blog post said, I'm intrigued now. So if you need people to talk to after writing her, we're all here for you.

    Raz P.

  8. It's so nice of you all to want to see my blog because of my big brother! I never expected anyone to even see this other than my parents and the doctor they took me too.

    Mom said it was fine because I was doing what they wanted but it cant happen again. I just hope all these people dont think that I'm lieing too...

  9. @Susan: If it make you feel any better, I don't think you're lying. You don't have a good reason to be. Besides, I know your brother is a nice/helpful person, so I'm sure your parents are doing their best to raise you right as well ^^

    @Anon: Thanks xD I'm trying to be friendly.

  10. Thank you for believeing me. My brother is a great person I love him alot!