Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Visiting Drake

I just got home from visiting my brother Drake. I had lots of fun! He let me play with Rose she was really nice. I showed her how to make a crown out of flowers. I made her one even though she couldn't wear it cause it would just fall through her. I placed it on the fence so that she could look at it. We played tag and had fun all afternoon. My brother made me lunch and also this really cool necklace! I lov eit when he makes me things! It is really pretty it has a rose and some green stuff inside. He told me to wear it all the time and I crossed my heart that I would. He said that it would help keep me safe I hope it works. I'm glad I didn't see the tall man today or the little boy they are both so odd. Maybe they are finally going away! I'm sure Mom would be happy if I didn't see them ever again.


  1. Anonymous here...

    It was great having you over sis!

    I knew you'd like Rose. X ) I saw the crown of flowers just a bit ago. Very pretty, sis.

    Yeah, just keep on wearing that necklace. I'd feel better if you did.

    Hopefully he's leaving. = )

  2. I'm glad it sounds like you had a good time, Susan. I'm sure Rose loved having someone to play with as well.

    It was nice of your brother to make that necklace, I hope it helps.

    And that's good that you haven't seen him. Hopefully, he is going away.