Monday, December 27, 2010

Strange little boy

Mom was upset about what happened at the park. I didn't see him today. But while I was playing I saw this little boy who was looking at me. He was standing by the intrance to the woods. He didn't say anything he just stood there. I felt like I couldn't look away from him. He was wearing this weird mask. It was all white except for around the one eyehole that part was black. It was like he had just one black eye and the rest of his face was blank. I tried to show him to Mom, but when she finally looked he was gone. We stayed for a little while longer and Mom stayed with me the rest of the time. I kept looking up to see if I could see the boy again but he wasn't there. I wonder what he was doing and why he was wearing such an odd mask. It had to have been a mask no one has a face like that.


  1. Anonymous here...

    That's not good sis... The way you described him... It sounds like he was a bad kid. He was probably working for the man you've seen. Sis, I'm just wondering, but what does the man look like?

  2. He didn't seem like a bad kid. He was just standing there not doing anything. It was weird even after he was gone I felt like i was being watched. Why would he work for him? He's really tall. I used to barely be able to see him but hes gotten closer and closer. I can't make out his face yet all I know is that he is really tall and think. Kinda like a stick figure. I can draw you a picture tomorrow of both of them if you want to see.

  3. Anonymous here...

    Believe me, the mask he was wearing is the kind that people who work for that tall man wear. Be careful sis okay? I'm just worried about you. Yeah, if you'd draw me some sketches I'd love that.

  4. ...

    Not good. At all. Susan, how old are you, exactly? Don't worry, I totally believe you - I'm just being a worrywart.

    Might I say, Anon, that looking at your image icon freaks me out when I'm not seeing it clearly?

  5. Anonymous here...

    I'll reply for her. She's ten years old, and yeah I'm worried too.

    Heh. No, my picture has no head at all. I'm truly anonymous, not a slender bastard. XD

  6. I'll be careful I always am you know that. Mom said she would help me put the picture on the computer I'll put it up in a little bit.

    Like my brother said I'm 10 I just had my birthday a little while ago....actually it was only a little while before he started showing up. Drake you aren't supposed to use bad words like that what would Mom say?

  7. Anonymous here...


    Oh, I'm sorry sis. It just slipped. I didn't mean to use that kind of language.

  8. Haha Anon~ Someone has a potty mouth~

    As for the little boy, Susan, just stay away if you see him again. He might work for the tall guy, like your brother said. And that's usually not a great job.

    And Happy -late- Birthday! :3

  9. Just make sure it doesn't happen again or Iwill have to tell mom1

    He does have a potty mouth Mom used to wash his mouth out with soap! So I shouldn't go near him? But what if he's at the park again next time I go? I think Mom wants to take me at least once a week. Thank you!