Saturday, January 1, 2011

I can't sleep he was there

Outside my window. I saw him. He was there. He was behind the neighbors tree. I saw him looking from behind it. I could feel him. He was there watching. I also saw his face. He was watching me with that blank face! There was nothing there! How is he alive how does he breath how is it possible? I feel like I may really be crazy there can't really be people like that! You have to be able to breath and see and hear and eat! It's just wrong I'm wrong my head is wrong why can't I be fixed?


  1. I'm comming over right now to get you. I don't carer what mom or dad have to say. You're not safe there and I'm not going to rest until you're at my house where I can keep you saf.

    I'm leeaving the house right now.

  2. But Drake Mom will be mad! And she will think that I really have gone crazy and shewill think that you are crazy too! You did that thing to the house and you make me a necklace and the dreamcatcher shouldn't I be safe?

  3. Susan... It'll be okay. Trust your older brother on this one.

    Dreamcatchers only work on dreams, Susan. Unfortunately, that's it.

  4. Oh my god... I'm glad you're okay Susan... It's very good that Drake decided to go get you. I think he'll be able to keep you safe.

    DrAkE iS vErY pOwErFuL...

    Yes he is. Oh and that was D. I have a split personality Susan, which means it's kind of like having two people in my head, me and D. It sounds just as weird as it feels, believe me. X3

    Raz P. / D

  5. Kiki_zeh_Fox I trust my brother with my life. Well I guess that makes sense I was just hoping it would help him go away.

    Raz P./D How do you have two different people in your head? Is this what you mean before about you not being right in the head? Did he do this to you? I would hate if hedid this to people. I doubt my mom would like it.